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The Oak, the Ash and the Standing Stones

Photo by Ed Felton

“Beautiful writing” – BBC Radio Bristol 

“A Beautiful, joyful show with wonderful stories…Brilliant” Pleasure Dome Theatre

“An absolute triumph!” – Shoebox Theatre

Our show The Oak, The Ash and the Standing Stones toured theatres indoors and outdoors in April/May 2023

Photo by Ed Felton

Exploring magical countryside. Forest and fen. Wild places and wild stories. 

The Oak, the Ash and the Standing Stones was a fun, modern, folk filled family show.

Using loop station, theremin & beatbox, we shared the legends and music attached to different UK sites.

A magical journey through the stories of England, Ireland and Wales with gentle humour, nature-tech storytelling & a gentle emphasis on global, social and environmental health.

Photo by Ed Felton

Tour venues 2023


1st – Page Park, Bristol

2nd- Rockaway Park, Temple Cloud

5th- Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

6th- Princess Theatre, Burnham-On-Sea

7th, 8th -Hartcliffe Amphitheatre, Bristol

11th- St Johns Church, Highbridge

12th- Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

13th- Bath City Farm, Bath

14th- The Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

15th- Eat Festival, Bedminster, Bristol

16th- Eat Festival, Minehead

22nd- Eat Festival, Yeovil

23rd- Trinity Arts, Bristol

29th- Eat Festival, Weston Super-Mare

30th- East Festival, Woolavington


13th- Eat Festival, Taunton

20th- Eat Festival, Clevedon

The Oak, the Ash and the Standing Stones was a collaboration with musicians Coreysan (Calypso Rose) and Jack Salt (Ushti Baba) supported by Arts Council England, Wassail Theatre and in partnerships with The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, The Literacy Trust, Swindon Stories, The Nest at Page Park, and Heart of BS13

To find out more about how to look after the environment check out: The Soil Association Greenpeace Protect Earth and 9trees.

Stars and Sails

Photo by Chris Lucas

Stars and Sails, a collaboration with audio-visual tech designer Bea Wilson, musicians Jack Salt and Coreysan, and director Emma Callander toured theatres, and arts venues in May and June 22:

“A beautiful combination of songs, sounds and storytelling.”

Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol.

“Family theatre at its best. Magical, moving and involving.”

Steph Richards, Rock The Tots.

“One billion stars! It was amazing!”

Year 6 student, Wallscourt Farm Academy.

Summer tour 2022, audience feed back :

Pounds Arts Centre Corsham.

“Brilliant show, my children (aged 4 and 7) were mesmerised! Beautiful singing and really great sound effects. Also really brings home the message to look after our planet – creating a new generation of eco-warriors. Thank you!”

“Loved it, utterly magical. LOVED the music in particular and the audience participation.”

“We loved the beautiful singing and all the incredible sound effects. Great message, very powerful.”

“Thank you! We really enjoyed the show. The music was very inventive, melodic and engaging. It was a magical way to bring to life stories and the issue of protecting our world today – especially our seas. “

“Magical show, very educational. Funny, loved all the songs, mesmerising melodies, stories, would love to see more. “

“Mum loves the projections. Elodie says ‘I liked the songs, the music and sounds and beautiful singing.’ Lovely atmosphere and message.”

“Loved the harmonies and singing/sounds.”

“Super interactive and engaging!”

“So wonderful! Loved the creativity and message behind the show. All the singing and beatboxing was so impressive.”

“Wonderful performance which brought across an important message in words, songs and sounds. Well done to everyone involved. Loved it.”

Embercombe Devon.

“I absolutely loved it! It is a beautiful, clever, fun, engaging way to highlight such an important issue. I like the balance between historical facts, songs rescued from history, acting and music. It is very fun and easy to follow, the little props and their variety is fantastic. Lots of good luck and energy for your future projects and THANK YOU for looking after the sea by reminding us of the need to act.”

“Wonderful and thought provoking. Could observe the children were spell bound. Please return.”

“Thank you, lovely singing, jokes (don’t take yourselves to seriously!) and educational. Very good well done! Great to see a theremin in action.”

“Thank you! I really enjoyed the magic created through sounds and song and storytelling. Loved the star man’s sounds. Brilliant acting too.”

“Loved the mix of electric music, ancient harmonies and modern lyrics.”

“I loved it, very charming and beautiful and loved the energy and stories/folk tales of all the seas creatures. Loved unfolding of the music and that it happens in front of you. There are quite a lot of stories to follow for little ones so I’d say its best for 6 years+ but its really sweet and the songs were enchanting, I would like to see more! Really well done! Thank you! And beautifully created. The boy next to me seemed to love it.”

“What a gorgeous surprise- so creative, funny, innovative, informative, beautiful songs, singing and I loved the music too!”

“I really enjoyed the performance. I liked the combination of singing and storytelling and I thought the set up well planned, effective and very engaging. Also the beatboxing was incredible- it added to the atmosphere so much! Thank you so much x”

“Feedback Holly age 39. I absolutely loved this show. The music, energy, story. Very engaging, I would highly recommend for adults as well as children. Inspiring in so many ways. Such a delight.”

“I loved the use of props and the costumes were stunning. Amazing beatboxing and star noises.”

Marine Theatre Lyme Regis.

“Magical, quirky, inspiring and informative. Utterly charming, would highly recommend.”

“I loved the show. Sylvie-Wren (5) Superb show, amazing stories, acting, songs, harmonies and important accessible lessons we all need to hear.”

“I liked that the stories came from around the world- you even mentioned the Gwichin people – (we are from Canada!) I liked the sound effects. I liked the globe to show us where things were.”

“A very powerful message that has brought home how fragile the sea is! It was enchanting and captivates the audience and brought the message to our family to think twice about plastic! Well done!”

“I thought it was wonderful. The singing was so magical and I really enjoyed how it created a magical atmosphere, it was so good!!”

“I love that you are introducing these concepts particularly to children like talking to the sea. Beautiful sound.”

“We love your message! Everyone here heard and enjoyed, thank you.”

Bath City Farm Amphitheatre Bath.

“The show was amazing and it saved our planet.” 

“Beautiful show in a beautiful setting loved the beach-boxing, great dynamic with the folk singing. Important story and message to share. Thank you.” 

“Our kids really loved the humour (we did too) the music was wonderful. I liked the strong message and the enthusiasm of the cast. Wonderfully pitched for all ages. Loved the playfulness of the child and the wise and magical mermaid. Brilliant dog and star man. “

“Great best barksing. Magical theraminstrel  and Lutey-lovely stories, overall amermazing!

Cloak And Dagger Bristol.

“Absolutely Beautiful set design and lighting. I have come away feeling inspired and connected to the waves we all share. What a fantastic way to reuse the junk from the sea and connect people to nature and the importance of storytelling in passing on knowledge to future generations.”

“Glorious proppery! Incredible acting – flawless! A very important message – thank you”

“Love the mix of science, myth, legend and history. Beautifully done. Thank you!”

“Wow, emotional, funny, beautiful. I loved the humour, I loved the songs, nice interaction with the audience. The factual element was great. To be honest I loved it all!! The breathing was fab. I found it sad, but plastic is sad, so yeah. So glad I came. Thank you!”

“Beautiful story, enchanting and magical with an important message. We were enthralled!”

The Stable Weston Super-Mare.  

“Loved the stories and the songs were magical! Really beautiful and enjoyed the whole show. My daughter loved the beatboxing and sea creatures. It’s been our first experience with this kind of show and we will come back.”

“Magical! Fave bit: the sea creatures music at the start and the mermaid ‘s tail. Loved all of it. Thank you.”

“The songs were lovely. Interactive parts help keep the children’s attention , particularly the younger ones. Thank you!”

“Loved the amazing harmonies. Soundscape loop pedal beatboxing.”

“Fabulous…. Thank you! So well  considered. Vibrant, fun, beautiful voices and just the right mix of participation with audience. We will look out for your future performances.”


Valley Arts Chew Valley.

“So beautiful and uplifting despite the serious message. Now I want to see the sea ASAP. And the horizon.”

“Really smashing performance – so engaged by both kids and parents.”

“It made me want to help the ocean.”

“Very captivating! Loved all the sound effects and songs.”

The Roundhouse Amphitheatre Bristol.

“I thought it was brilliant, I especially liked the dog and the mermaid and the child. The universe was funny. I loved it. Erina aged 8”

“It was amazing.”

“I loved this show!! Watching the children’s faces was as fabulous as watching you! Woo woo loved that dog.”


“I loved the music! The theremin, the beatboxing, the singing, the sansula, the live looping 🙂 Beautiful story and message. A nice vibe to step into! Also a good length. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you!”

“Beautiful! Imaginative use of found detritus and flotsam and really playful soundscape created in situ. Gorgeous song and harmony and an important reminder about our precious, majestic and powerful sea.”

“Everything comes together so beautifully – the music, singing, sounds, movement and stories. THANK YOU!”

“Brilliant. A wonderful mix of cheeky comedy, stunning singing, poignant storytelling and a vital message, all told in a fabulous play!! P.S great noises!”

“Thank you for a lovely show! It was beautiful and funny and thought provoking.”

“We loved the message (heart pictures) What beautiful storytelling, music! Full of heart and inspiration. I can feel the ripples of love and change this show will bring THANKYOU!”

“I liked the singing-beautiful harmonies. Interwoven in such an interesting way- the stories, singing and music- innovative and fun. Thank you! Learning facts through art.”

“Ibrahim (aged 7 years) loved ALL the show! He thought it was very creative!”

“I liked the drum and bass.”

“It was amazing, looking forward to more.”

The Hartcliffe City Farm Bristol.

“We only seen the end and a bit more, but it was so good. I also like the music, the dog barks was incredible, you all was amazing, I want to see more.”

“I liked saying Submarine and hearing my voice! Liked the way they cleaned the sea and used the bits to make things for the story! Thank you!”

“I loved the music the stories and the interactive way the actors engaged with the audience.”

“Educational, musical, magical Fun.”

“All amazing. Love harmonies and stories.”

“Interaction was great, jokes were excellent, love the use of props. Mermaid was gorgeous.”

Brewhouse Theatre Taunton.

“Such a special performance! What lovely singing and music. Gaia & Reda Thank you!”

“Buzz loved it all, good songs & soundscape. This will go places!!!”

“The sounds of stars and the animals. Costumes lovely. Songs & stories great! Great message! Sounds of sea – relating to breathing – what we all need to appreciate before anything – the gifts!”

“Juno says I like when she meets the mermaid and they tell each other stories. Bonnie says I like the Universe’s interruptions (“I remember that song – a classic”) and when she has her toes in the water and feels connected to others “and the dog singing at the end”.

“Great show good message music, stories and players.”

Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre Tetbury.

“I loved the songs – beautifully sung! A great message too.”


“We loved the mermaid and the dog! Beautiful music- the harmonies were stunning!”

“Excellent use of modern technology and introducing it to children.”

“Loved the show, well done! Keep going like this, very educational! We’ve learned a lot.”

“I loved everything about it. Thank you for coming to Tetbury!”

“Beautiful! Loved it, thank you.”

The Hive Artshouse Wiltshire.

“I liked being the submarine snakeboat. I thought it was very important indeed because we aren’t taking care of our seas properly and seas should be taken care of and not hurt- Eddy Ray aged 7 (non-binary)”

“Thank you for taking us to the seaside and for all our tales, stories and facts. Full of emotion and fun.”

“Thank you so much guys. I really enjoyed all the sounds and movement. I felt like I dropped into your world.”

“We loved it, thank you.”

“Brilliant. Love the fishes made out of the things found in the sea. I feel very strongly about sea pollution.”

“We are very grateful for opportunity to watch this play! It was so much fun, especially when everyone was waving and pretending that viewers are an ocean 🙂 And we also really liked magic golden lotus.”

“Fantastic! Entertaining and inspirational for future generations to engage with environmental topics, to protect the stars and the sea.”

Stars and Sails features local sea shanties, ancient world music, and historical sea farers from all over the world. The layers of a loop station blends with live singing, beatbox, puppetry and storytelling. Design is centred around junk modelling, creating costume, props and set from marine detritus. A global quest to protect our beautiful oceans.

With support from Arts Council England, Bristol City Council, Heart of BS13, The Stables, Weston Super-Mare and The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton. 

To find out more about how to look after the ocean check out:  The Ocean Clean Up,  Surfers Against Sewage and Green Peace

Suitable for all ages, recommended for 5+