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The Hare, the Moon and the River podcast!

We are so excited to share our Tidal Tales Collective Podcast: The Hare, the Moon and the River made during our recent R and D with support from Arts Council England.

Ssshhhh come and look! It’s the hedge-springer, the skidaddler, the nibbler, the starer, the wood-cat, the skulker, the bleary-eyed, the glance-aside. The one who doesn’t go straight home, the friendless one, the dew-hopper…the animal that no one dares name.. But we will, it’s the Hare!

The Hare, the Moon and the River is suitable for all the family, Explore countryside all over the world and the creatures living within it. This episode features music from Ireland, Korea, England, and Mali, and stories from Iraq and Wales. Our sound engineer was Francis Forbes Edwards at Eastone Recordings. Nibbler was played by Julia Bentley, Starer by Ajani Cabey, Storyteller by Coreysan, and Woodcat by Kesty Morrison. Musical accompaniment by Coreysan and the Bristol Griot, and our special guest was Cara Naden.